“Images contaminate us like viruses.” - Paul Virilio

video paintings: conceptual dv: re-purposed pixels for ambient enjoyment. music, in most cases, by Bradford Reed and Lumendog, a Brooklyn-based collective. best seen flat screen.

Screen grab 2-26-09 of randomly-selected YouTube video entitled "Big booty girl shaking ass white ass big butt clap sexy booty dance" color corrected in QuicktimePro picture slowed down 50% for screen grab repeated 3 times slowed again 50% and blown up in FCP and compressed to H264. Music track "030409_C_1pass_slow_build_ref" by Lumendog.

Screen grab of a section of a YouTube clip of a man carrying a nuclear bomb in a suitcase from the 1970's British television show "Connections" starring James Burke, compressed and slowed to 12% of original speed.

Details of young people dancing to the Monks performing 'Complication' live on German television in 1965 (YouTube posting.) Slowed to 7%, 5%, and 2% of original speed. Original music track "030909_Dpart2" by Lumendog.

Screen grab from YouTube of home video of the Marfa Lights, slowed 50% and color corrected in FCP and QuicktimePro, compressed to H264.

Plane approaching La Guardia airport shot from a window in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on 2-25-09 using Canon Elph still camera, mpeg4 file converted to Quicktime, image slowed to 25% and modified in playback using QuicktimePro screen grab compressed to H263 1% quality and slowed again in FCP by 42%.

Screen grab detail of YouTube posting of the introduction to the children's animated show Jem and the Holograms, 1985. Slowed to 10% and processed. Original music track "030909_A" by Lumendog.